Mojavari Gallery / Koppenplatz 2 / Berlin 10115 / / Tel: 0049 3084712757
Mojavari Gallery / Koppenplatz 2  / Berlin 10115 /  / Tel: 0049 3084712757 

About us

Mojavari Film sees its tasks in the production of cinema and television films as well as (computer) animated films and documentaries. Since 1988 S.A. Mojavari, writes scripts and directs. "Ghalb" (Eng. "The Heart") was nominated in the 1992 Cannes International Film Festival in the 'Short Film' category. His later films were commissioned by the first Iranian channel and WDR, among others. For future projects Mojavari Film would like a cooperation with creative authors, producers and directors in order to develop and realize new ideas with them.

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