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Hello Mojavari!
Thank you for the email, it is so funny to hear from you as I just recently happened to be showing my wife more of your artwork online a few days ago!  It's been almost 2 years since my trip to Berlin, where I purchased my "Beach" painting from you and we went on our adventurous journey along the trains, visiting ATMs, closed banks, and hotel front desks, trying to get you paid your money!!  
Your painting still holds a special place in our hearts, and is displayed proudly in our living room.  We just are finalizing purchasing our first home together now as well, still in Manhattan Beach where we've been living, so we're excited to find a place in the new home for your lovely artwork!
Wishing you and your wife many congratulations on your new website!
Talk soon,
Sean Gesell 

Datum: 21. Juni 2012 21:18:24 


Diskussion geschlossen
  • Xinxin Zhang (Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2016 19:02)

    Dear Mr. Mojavari,

    I visited your gallery two weeks ago when I was traveling in Berlin. Your work is so impressive and I even got a chance to have a portrait from you--although I am currently a student and could not
    afford you work, you still patiently explained details and ideas behind them. I showed my friends the portrait and received a lot of compliments! I would love to visit your gallery again and bring my
    parents if possible. I am also grateful for you showing me the Berlin Wall and the museum! Wish you all the best and hopefully meet you later another time!
    感谢您耐心的讲解作品的创作背景和灵感,以及您给我的速写,我一定会好好保存!交谈中得知您令人印象深刻的履历,十分佩服。期待有机会再次见面!祝好 : )



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  • Jerome (Donnerstag, 13. November 2014 12:08)

    Dear Mr. Mojavari,

    I have met you very shortly yesterday when we exchanged cards; you were just closing the shop.
    Again, my compliments for your work - and your wife\'s.

    I like your work and welcome you to visit my website and also visit my exhibition of paintings in Mitte, called \'Vrai sans blanc\', at the local Galerie-Cafe-Bistro Nord-sud, not far from your

    I am looking forward to exposing again in Berlin next year (from March 2015 on) and am currently seaching for seriuos opportunities. Do you invite guests to your Galerie sometime? I would be glad to
    hear from you and meet somewhere, maybe at Nord-Sud or at your place?

    Best regards,
    - Prosper Jerominus

    mobile: +31 81 23 93 58

    Atelier Prosper
    Auguststrasse 86, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

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